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From Kuala Kedah, we cycled on to Alor Setar, and tried to get a good night rest for the longest trip of the southern route. After what still felt like a short night sleep we started the trip that would not only a be long one, but also one with an interesting feature: boats instead of bridges. It was a beautiful route with lots of rice fields and little villages. The first boat was a little one that brought us to the other side of the bay. We had to stand in the boat keeping hold of our bicycles.

They were too large to fit inside the boat.
The second one was a rowing boat, it brought us to the other side of a large river. This side had very slippery staircase leading to the road. (The ferryman, Robert and one of the bicycles almost went overboard) After this, the large ferry to Penang was the size of a bulk carrier.





Penang was a busy town, with many tourists and fully booked hotels. After trying four hotels we found one with a room, the bicycles were allowed inside (as always) and chained to the staircase. (Earlier, a Penang hotel had had a room but the bikes had to be left outside) After 3 boat trips, and 106 km cycling we tried to sleep in a hotel that brought back the memory of my youth sleeping on the parking site of a German Rastätte. (For those who don't have this experience: imagine sleeping next to 5 cooling trucks.) After breakfast the next morning, we went to the Cathay hotel and made a reservation for later that day.


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