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Thailand and Malaysia by Bike

Visiting Thailand/Malaysia
Visiting Thailand needs no extraordinary preparation, the country is quite used to tourists.

Entering Thailand with a bicycle
We arrived on a direct flight from the Netherlands and entered Thailand with our bicycles and luggage without a problem.

Most roads are good. Even dirt roads are good enough to ride on. Occasionally roads are being repaired and you have to cycle around the holes made by large construction vehicles.





There are a few maps to choose from, none of which are very good to cycle on. Try to familiarise yourself with the Thai wrting, it may help you find your way more easily. We learned the "alphabeth" and were able to read (recognise) the road signs.

Traffic is poor (but good to cycle) with the exeption of the 4 main roads of the country. Occasionally you may try to hitch a ride from a truck but don’t count on it with your bicyle.

Cycling in Thailand is fairly easy except for the northern point of the country. The south of the country and Malaysia is rather flat. Most beautiful parts is the north of Thailand.
It's a pleasure to cycle through these countries. (but keep in mind you will have to be able to withstand a temperature of over 35 C.)

Forbidden zones
You may go everywhere except the “common” forbidden places. (e.g. military grounds)

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